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NWONL Presidents Message

Posted about 1 month ago

Fellow Leaders,

Over the past few years, I had the honor of working with fantastic nurse leaders who greatly influenced my leadership skills. The Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders (NWONL) allowed me to meet these inspiring individuals.

From experience and data, I understand the considerable burden that nursing leaders have carried recently. As nurse leaders, you exceeded expectations and took on responsibilities beyond managing teams and nursing practice. You became therapists, innovators, supply chain experts, and more. I saw your dedication to your teams and patients, even when you were tired and stressed. You attended finance meetings after working overnight shifts, comforted stressed staff nurses, provided relief during an RSV outbreak, and ensured the safety of mental health patients despite limited resources. You supported colleagues who were struggling, showing strength and compassion.

Despite the unprecedented challenges, you remained devoted to giving your patients and teams the best care. You emerged as stronger and more united leaders. Your leadership inspired me to grow and become a better leader. Your dedication and strength gave me hope during difficult times and showed me resilience when I felt defeated. I am thankful for working with such exceptional nurse leaders, and I commend your unwavering commitment to your profession and patients.

I wish for each of us to enter this next year of nursing practice with a renewed sense of our purpose, infectious inspiration, and the bravery required to do things a little differently. Together we can transform healthcare.
 Thank you all for inspiring me to be better every day. 

Happy Nurses Week.
Desi McCue, DNP, MBA, RN, FACHE, CENP, President NWONL