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NWONL: Should you attend the NWONL Annual Conference?

Posted about 2 months ago

Let me ask you these questions:

  • Do you want to learn how you and your teams can leverage stress as a strength versus suffocating and suffering under its weight?
  • Would learning what executive presence, mindset and positioning really mean and how to employ it to amplify your own leadership?
  • Are you a senior leader, work with them or aspire to be one? Do you  have C-Suite readiness? A strategic thinking mindset? How do you know? How can you prepare?
  • Have you personally and as an organization made DEI a focus? Are you now wondering how to move the value of DEI outside your own organizations into communities you provide care in?
  • Do you understand the moral imperative of leadership? How does it define your leadership journey?
  • Does spending time with fellow Nurse Leaders from across our Region for learning, connection and fun sound like time well spent?

Then you should come to us at our 2023 Annual Conference! Info and registration here.

See you there.

~ Cindi 

Cindi M. Warburton DNP | ARNP | FNP

Executive Director, Northwest Organization of Nurse Leaders